Jason Blood
Love Hurts

His study was dark, save for a single candle on a wall shelf.  All the furniture was pushed aside in the room.  Jason Blood sat cross legged on the floor in the center of a circle of rose petals wearing only a pair of brown slacks.  The mage worked a mortar and pestle in his lap, grinding the sheep’s blood and the burned remains of a sow’s heart into a thick paste.  

“The form is vessel, rendered new” he incanted, dipping his index and middle fingers into the macabre paste.  “The base is emerald, bathed in blood.”  Jason drew a triangle, pointed down, on his bare chest as he stood.  “The vessel is flame and the elements rarified.  Sobek!  Grant me the power.”  

The small burning candle on his shelf burst into a large flame, bathing the entire room in  a bright, flickering light.  The sorcerer stepped onto the rose petal circle with his bare feet and walked the entire diameter, chanting “Bind him!  Bind him!  Bind him! ”  When he had taken his last step, the candle’s flame returned to normal and the room returned to a soft glow again.  He walked calmly to the candle and pulled a picture of Oliver Queen out of his pocket.  

Jason held the picture over the candle and watched as it burned to ashes in his fingers.  A slight smile crept over his face.  The first spell was cast, making Oliver Queen overpoweringly lustful towards anyone who was not wearing a special talisman that Jason himself just so happened to possess and who came within a 10 meter diameter of the Emerald Archer.  His deed was almost done; he only had one more spell to go.

Jason wiped the paste from his chest and pulled on a shirt.  He buttoned the shirt as he walked over to a hot plate on the other side of his room.  The pot on top was bubbling, the water inside boiling.  The mage flicked on a desk light and peered inside.  He took a nearby fork and poked at the cucumber.  It was almost soft enough for him to begin the second spell.  

This was to be a masterpiece that the conjurer wanted to see up close.  He resolved to pay a surprise visit to Queen’s compound just as soon as the the second spell was done, even if it did mean traveling on those awful zeta beams.  As Jason snapped the clasp of the chain holding the protective talisman around his neck, he began to anticipate the controlled mayhem that he was about to unleash.  He could barely contain his giggle.